a collection of luxury fragrances

specially curated to amplify the senses. A scent can unlock a forgotten memory or a feeling of pure happiness.

What will LECÍR unlock for you?



I fell in love with this candle from the second I opened the box. Not only is the candle absolutely gorgeous, The beautiful scent of it makes my whole house feel amazing!

Hirah K.

I love that these candles not only smell amazing, but they are clean burning, which aligns with my lifestyle.

Biyanka C.

I walked in and the candle smelled fire AF! :)

Ben K.

The Perfect Candle for every room! The fragrance from this candle is unmatched! I have one in my living room but literally want this scent throughout my house! Obsessed!

Olivia S.

AMAZING! This has got to be the best scent in my house. Once I opened the perfectly packaged diffuser and caught that first smell, my nose was obsessed! Can’t get enough of this diffuser!

Kayla H.

I took a chance with this fragrance and feel in love! Sophisticated and fresh, and the jar is so beautiful. What a treat!!

Christine F.

an experience for the senses

our fragrances have been curated by master perfumers, sourcing high-quality ingredients from around the world, to project sophisticated, well-balanced accords