Meet Brittany & Tamar

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LECÍR started over a cup of coffee at the mall. Tamar(L) mentioned to Brittany(R) that she wanted to try making candles. Unknowingly and coincidentally, Brittany had ordered a shipment of empty candle vessels that she really liked. It was almost like it was meant to be and too much of a coincidence, not to be. And that was the birth of LECÍR!

We've both always been obsessed with candles and ensuring our homes smell the absolute best, so it just made scents (pun intended, lol). We did A LOT of research. And after a few courses and hundreds of hours of testing, we mastered the art of candle making. We’re basically chemists now! Or as they say in the candle biz, chandlers! 

Our mission is to take you on an experience through fragrance... an experience for the senses. We want to bring you the very best in home fragrances. LECÍR candles and diffusers are created with high-quality, safe ingredients that will take you on a scent journey. Together we have tested over a hundred fragrances, a few wax formulas and diffuser bases to bring you the very best. Our core collection of fragrances will blow your mind!


We're all about inclusion and curated our brand just for you! With a variety of vessels and colors to choose from, including glossy and matte finishes, there truly is something for everyone. Our vessels are sure to match any home aesthetic.

A scent can unlock a forgotten memory or a feeling of pure happiness. What will LECÍR unlock for you?